{July 16, 2015}  

Can you here me? Can you see me in the dark? Can anyone save me from myself?


{September 3, 2014}   random

So i havent bloged in a very very long time. I think i might start blogging agin.

{April 4, 2013}   Oh pleas

Oh pleas give me a brake with all you, poor me I just can’t take It you just don’t want to live anymore. Get over yourselves the only reason you say thoses thing are not because you can’t take life anymore, it’s because you just don’t want to. And frankly that is just plain sad and pathetic.  I mean thernarrow people that would kill to have your life in a heart beat. You should really think about that the next time you say, oh poor me my life sucks!

{March 1, 2013}   Does darkness Await me?

Pleas don’t leave me behind. Pleas come to me, make the pain go away tell me that it’s okay. I am surrounded by darkness an pain, can anyone hear me? While my nightmares come alive i hope someone will save me. As my pain slowly rises day by day, the darkness awaits me. I am scared pleas someone help me? I don’t know what to do, pleas someone help me understand? Don’t abandon me to the darkness. I am but a helpless waistline. I don’t want to die alone, with no hope at all. I feel like everyone has abandon me, pleas don’t make it my reality, make it but a fantasy. The air that surrounds who can hear me? If so pleas let me know, and make the darkness but a fantasy. Does my fate always have me alone? Pleas tell me i am only dreaming!   

{March 1, 2013}   mothers…fathers

Everyone has that mother and father who gives you crap. But they only do it because they love you. If they didn’t care they would not bother you at all. They would let you make mistakes with out a fight. But those parents who annoy the crap out of you, are the ones who care about you the most. Even though you don’t like them interfering with your life. They only do it because they love the crap out of you. Remember that for all your life. 

{January 16, 2013}   Thank you all

I would like to thank everyone who has lefted a comment on my blogs. Every one is soo nice to me. I really love the support i get here. Thank you all very much

{January 16, 2013}   Ask yourself this..

Do you really think you can get anywhere without doing work? If you do you are truly wrong. You need to work at everything, there will come a time when no one will hold your hand and you have to do it on your own. You shouldn’t relay on others. You need self motivation to make it anywhere in life. There is  only one person who can make your life good, and that person is you.

{January 10, 2013}   Are duties to others is

                  Do you ever wonder why people are nice or when you’re sad, they try to make you feel better? Well it is because it’s  are duty to people to do those things. Our duties to others is to give kind words; help them find a good way to live; and to stand up for them when there down. until the point that it effects your life or your families life in a bad way. Do to others what you  want them to do to you.

tell me is love so important that you would be wiling to die for just a little bit, to be with the person that you love?

{December 19, 2012}   Questions

Who will i grow up to be? Why must life always hurt even when you try so hard to not let it be painful? How do i become strong? If i have a role in life, then what is it? Am i really alone in my life??

et cetera