tell me is love so important that you would be wiling to die for just a little bit, to be with the person that you love?


{December 19, 2012}   Questions

Who will i grow up to be? Why must life always hurt even when you try so hard to not let it be painful? How do i become strong? If i have a role in life, then what is it? Am i really alone in my life??

{December 19, 2012}   You and Me

Your life is important, even if you don’t think so. If you weren’t around anymore, you would be cheating someone out of some smiles 🙂 (:

{December 19, 2012}   LIFE

Your life is yours to make… Easy, Hard,Difficult, Awesome or Sad. But remember it always your choice, so pick what you want to.

{December 19, 2012}   Your life is…..

“Your life is yours and only yours. So make mistakes, Have fun, Fall in love and most importantly Be Your-Self!!”

{December 19, 2012}   random

Everything locked inside me and i lost the key. I don’t know what to do anymore, iv lost all that i thought. I don’t know if i can do this anymore.     

{December 19, 2012}   random sentence i made up :D

as the knife twist deeper into my heart i die slowly but the pain comes fast.

{December 15, 2012}   I told you..

I told you were going to get hurt, but you didn’t listen to me. You say i am to young to know anything, but in reality you just don’t want to here it from your daughter. I am done with it though, honestly i don’t feel bad you got hurt. If you would have listened to me you would not be hurting as much. I guess it is beyond my powers to help you. But i am just a kid who dose not know anything. It’s not my fault, i warned you, i told you what was going to happen. So guess who was right, the kid who dose not know anything. 

{December 14, 2012}   There are two choices

In life we have two choices. We can either live life to the fullest. Or we can live life miserably. In my life i live it to the fullest, making sure its as happy as it can be. Don’t get me wrong my life isn’t peaches and cream by any means. I mean, my life only sucks when i think it sucks. Sure i might have a rough life but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Life is what you make it. It can be fun or it can suck, but its all what you make it.

{December 13, 2012}   frusriton

So i kinda want to cry right now. because i just spent like 30 minutes writing the beging of a new story and i did something and it erased it all. I am soooo mad, i just want to cry now.  oh well i guess i have to restart the whole thing >.<

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