{December 6, 2012}  

                                               WHO AM I?
                                 Chapter one: New start, New life.

This is the story of how, I found out about who I am. What my destiny is.
How I lost all my memories in the first place. To add on to that, how am suppose
to save the world from some great evil; so here is how my story begins.

Who am I, three simple words that I want to know the answer to. When I

woke up in a hospital, in California, a month ago. I didn’t know who I was, in
fact I didn’t remember anything about myself or my past. The doctor said I was
Found unconscious, under a tree in the park. I’m a girl, about seventeen maybe
sixteen the doctors aren’t sure. I’m pale white, I have gray/green eyes (mostly
gray though) I have night sky black hair, and I’m 5’9. The doctors call me blood,
because that is the name that was written, on the name tag on my jacket.

I was transferred to a rehab for people who lost there memories. My

morning consist of getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed and, eating
breakfast. My afternoon consist of, going out side to the park, sitting on a bench,
and watching the clouds. Then going to the cafeteria, eating lunch, going back
outside, and sitting on the bench to watch the clouds.

As for the rest of the day I sit and watch the clouds and stare at the sky, until it gets dark outside. After that I go inside get ready for bed, and sit on my window ceiling and stare at the stars, I feel as thou there is something out there in the distance, calling to me. I woke up felling tired not wanting to start the day. As usual thou, I

dragged myself out of bed, to get in the shower. I turned the hot water on and
went to get clothes for the day.

After I got dressed i went to the cafeteria to eat

breakfast. I saw Helen and said “Hi”, she replied with a,
    “Good morning, blood.” As she gets in line behind me I ask her how her morning was going

“It’s wonderful the cherry blossom tree is blooming all over.”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful” And it was, the petals were a pale pink, with a white

stripe in the middle of each of them. The cherry blossom tree had this thing about
it that made it calming to be around.

“So blood have you remembered anything yet?” Helen is twenty five;

she got here at the hospital four months, before I got here. She had gotten in a
car accident and lost her memories. She remembers memories here and there,
nothing big thou, like she remembers having a husky dog, named cookies.    

“No not a thing, I’m starting to wonder if I ever will.”

“Am sure you will, it just takes time. I started to remember bits and pieces

about a month and a half after I got in my accident.” If she was trying to reassure
me it wasn’t working.

“I sure hope so, thank you for your support Helen. It means allot to me.”

“It’s not a problem blood. I’m always here to support a friend.” As she smiles, she

starts walking to her table. “Well nice talking to you blood, have a good day!” I
smile back at her.
“You to Helen.” The table I sit at is next to a window. As I place my food on the table,
I look outside and it’s really dark and cloudy outside. As soon I’m done with
my lunch I go outside to my bench. As I sit there the wind picks up and it gets
even darker. It smells of rain. “Blood.” As I turn my head to see who called me it
thunders a loud crackling sound.
“Blood, you need to come inside there’s a big storm coming.” It is Lucy my nurse,
who called me.

“Ok Lucy I’m coming.”

As I get inside, I head to my room. I stop because there’s someone in front
of my door. As I moved towered the person they turned around. It was a man; he
has blood red eyes, and is pale white. I turn to go call for someone, and I turned
back around and he was gone. Where did he go, so fast?
I open my door and walk in. Nothing seems to be out of order. I shut my
door and go to the window ceiling. I look outside, and the man that was in front of
my door, was staring up at me. It lightning and thundered and I blinked, and then
he was gone. Just like that in a blink of an eye. How weird am I seeing thing or
what? (Knock knock), “Blood it’s dinner time.”

Hmm oh well I’ll think about it later.

As I return to my room after dinner, I take a shower and get ready for bed. I
sit on the window ceiling and stare outside. The clouds are still everywhere and
its pouring rain. I feel as if something is calling out to again. What is this feeling
I’m having?
I look outside and see something moving in the bushes, the dark figure
runs out and goes to the street. What was that, I’m going to go see. I put some
pants on, a long sleeved t-shirt, and the jacket I was fund in, on. I go to the door
and head outside to find what was in the bushes. It’s thundering and lightning,
the wind icy cold. Where’d it go? I walk to the road were the figure disappeared. I
look in the street and see nothing, just the empty street.

Then out of no were, the pale white man with the red eyes, was about

nine paces in front of me. He opened his mouth and reveled fangs. Real, big,
sharp, vampire teeth. “I want to taste your blood.” He started to walk towards me.
I turned around to run back into the hospital, but he was in front of me before I
could blink my eyes.

“Impossible.” I gasp out loud; as he leaned forward he sunk

his fangs into my neck…
I woke up sweating bullets, it was just a dream. It was only a dream I need
to calm down. As I say this to myself I can’t help but feel like it was real. But it
can’t be real, vampires don’t exist. When I finely got my heart to calm down, I got
up and went to my window, to assure myself there was nothing outside.
It was still thundering, lighting and raining no sight of anyone, or thing.
See it was just a dream, now go back to bed. My Cochins told me. But I couldn’t
shake the feeling that it just might, be more than a dream.

What if it was more than a dream what would that mean? If it is more than

a dream then what dose it mean? Maybe it was a memory or something, but
Vampires aren’t real. So it can’t be a memory. Could it?
I laid there starring at the ceiling. What if I never remember anything?
What if no one comes to claim me? What will I do?
When I woke up it was still pouring rain outside. I got dressed and walked
to the cafeteria. “Blood!” Lucy was calling me. “Blood can I talk to you?” I turn
around and reply,

“Sure Lucy, what about?” She stared at me for a moment

then finely said, “Blood there’s someone here who claims to know who you
are.” What is she joking? Or am I still dreaming.

“Who?” I don’t care if this is real or not because there’s a possibility

that it is real.

“A man, he claims to be your guardian.” Is it possible?

“We’re is he?” I looked past her.

“He’s at the front desk.” I started to run towered the front desk.

“Blood, were you going?”

“To find out who I am!”

                 Chapter two: Who are you, and who I’m I?


I ran to the front desk. There was a man in front of the desk.  About 5’9, with blond hair, wearing a black coat. “Do you know who I am?” The man turned around, and said,

“Of course I do your Blood.” It was the man from my dream, except he had gray blue eyes. Not the blood red eyes from my dream.

“Who are you?” He look at me a moment and said

“I’m Zeth, your uncle, your guardian.” How, is he telling the truth? Or is he messing with me?

“How do I know your telling the truth?”  He thought for a moment then said “Well I can show you your birth certificate, and have a DNA test if you like.”

“Where are my mom and dad? Why are they not my guardians?” I want to know if I’m still, dreaming or not.

“You have so many questions for someone who lost her memory.”              

“Yea, so what of it. I don’t know anything and I want to know we’re I came from, and who I am.” He smiled and showed perfect straight white teeth.         You are your mother’s daughter, Blood.”  He sat in a chair “You might want to have a seat before I begin.”                                                                                                                       
         “No I’m fine. Just tell me.”  He sighed

“Very well then, your parents are dead.”  It was like a blow to the face. It hurt a lot, is it true?

“How did they die?” He looked around then said

“That is something I will half to tell you another time.” Why, what dose that mean? “I’m sure you know why I’m your guardian now.” I didn’t talk, or move for that matter. I was in shock, how can they be dead? I don’t even remember them and I’m sad that there dead.

“How did you even find me?” He thought for a moment,

“I saw your picture in the news paper. I came here fasts as I could. All the way from New York.”
           “I live in New York?” I live in New York, the big city. But I don’t seem like a city girl at all. I like sneakers not high heels. I love sweat pants and have skirts and dresses. “How did I end up in California, if I live in New York?”
    “Well that I do not know. The day you disappeared you went out with your friends, for a birthday party. Chelcie your best friend came back at midnight, and told me you were gone. She said you disappeared into to thin air.” I have a best friend? Why can’t I remember any of this?
“Blood I think you should go to your room and get some sleep. Because tomorrow I will be taking you home.” Home?  I don’t have a home. I might have once but not now.
        I went back to my room and sat in the window ceiling. I looked outside at the stars. I still felt something out there calling to me. I want to know what that is. I finale go to my bed and look out the window one last time before I drifted into a bliss sleep.
        When I woke up I hoped last night wasn’t a dream, that someone claimed me. there was a knock on the door ” come in” I called out.
     “Good morning blood, how did you sleep?” it was Lucy
    “Fine, thank you” I smiled at her.
    “ Well are you excited you get to to go home?” But I’m not going home, I don’t have one were I belong at the moment.  

“we’ll I’m a bit nervous.”  She smiled at me .

“Well I images so, I mean your life will never be the same.”
          And she was right, my life won’t be the same. Ever.

” Yea I guess your right .” She looked at me with concern in her eye.

” Well enough of me scaring you, you need to get dressed to leave with your uncle. He has everything ready for you to go home .” Already, the time has gone by so fast. I mean I wish it would happen faster when I didn’t know If someone would ever claim me.” I’ll leave so you can get dressed and gather all your stuff.”  She left and I got dressed and began getting everything together.
           I looked out the window, the last time i ever would, I was going to miss this place. Strangely enough. I would miss Helen and Lucy the most. “Blood are you ready to go?” Lucy came in and looked at me.

“As ready as I’ll ever be Lucy”. I looked out the window one last time then walked out the door and flowed Lucy to my uncle. When we got to him, me and Lucy hugged each other.

“Have a good life blood.”  
             “Thank you Lucy, you to, take care.” I turned and walked to my uncles side.

” Are you ready to leave blood?”  I looked around one last time

” yes I am.” I followed him outside to a car that was waiting for us.  

“We will be taking this can to a airport, then be flying the rest of the way to new york.” This will be inserting.

” Have I ever been on a plane?”  He chuckled to himself .

“Why yes many times. You love flying.” I wished I remembered loving to fly.   ” Are you excited to Go see we’re you lived for the past sixteen years?”  I was truthfully nervous to see we’re I had lived.

“Well a little bit, I’m nervous though.”  He looked at me and thought for a moment.

” Well I’d be more than a little nervous, if I had to go home to a place, I don’t remember living in the past sixteen years.” Yea I guess he is right. We arrived at the airport midday. We arrived at the house an hour latter. The house was the biggest mansion I’ve ever seen in my life, well the life I remember anyways.
“I lived here?”  Me that’s so unreal.

“Yes Blood, you do live here.”
Unreal. There were people waiting at the door for us. As we stopped some one opened the car door, and I got out. “hello Jason, how were things while I was gone?” He asked the man, who had opened my door.

” They were fine, nothing happened, that was to bad. But we handled it.” What dose that mean?

“Good, Jason.” Jason muttered a no problem. “Jason pleas take Bloods things to her room for her.” He picked my things up and said,

“Welcome back blood, it’s been wired not having you around.” I didn’t know what to say, so I said,

“Thank you Jason, I hope I remember you, you seem to know me well.” He smiled at me and said,

” As do I blood.” He walked up the stairs that led inside the mansion.

“Are you ready to go inside Blood?” As ready as I’ll ever be to star my life over again.

“Yes uncle,  I am ready.” We walked up the stairs were Jason went. As we walked inside the mansion, there were paintings every we’re. All the paintings were beautiful. Zeth led me up a stair.

    “Your room is on the second floor.”
    “Oh,ok uncle.”  We stopped at a black door with a white, Lilly carving on it.    
    “And Blood, you can call me Zeth, you don’t have to be so formal with me.”
    “Oh, ok I’ll remember that.” we walked through the door into a large room. The walls were  black, with purple moons. “This is my room?” I was shocked the room was beautiful.
           “Yes for the past five years it’s been like this.”  I looked around the room there was a large bed, with a black bed sprees on. It had three red pillows that mached  with the bed spread. “Well I’ll let you settle in for a little bit. I’ll get you when it’s time for dinner.”
            “Ok, see you at dinner.”  I walked to the bed and at down. Wondering if I would remember anything by siting on the bed. Nothing came to me though. I looked at all the walls and there were books on shelves. There was a mirror in front of a desk that look like I used it for makeup. I looked up on the wall nearest to my bed and there was a long black samurai sheath. I got up and walked to it, and picked it up. I removed the sheath, to revile a long shiny black blade. The edge of the blade was white with a white a white lace string at the end of the handle.
           I stared at it in a amazement. How can a thing so deadly be so beautiful at the same time. I lifted it a sliced through the air. I could feel as I sliced the invisible air. It gave me a science of excitement when I did that. I put it back on the bed and walked to the closet. There were rows of cloths in it. Ranging from skirts and dresses to pants and shorts. With long sleeved shirts and spegety straps. I spent about thirty minutes looking at all the clothes and shoes.


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