{March 1, 2013}   Does darkness Await me?

Pleas don’t leave me behind. Pleas come to me, make the pain go away tell me that it’s okay. I am surrounded by darkness an pain, can anyone hear me? While my nightmares come alive i hope someone will save me. As my pain slowly rises day by day, the darkness awaits me. I am scared pleas someone help me? I don’t know what to do, pleas someone help me understand? Don’t abandon me to the darkness. I am but a helpless waistline. I don’t want to die alone, with no hope at all. I feel like everyone has abandon me, pleas don’t make it my reality, make it but a fantasy. The air that surrounds who can hear me? If so pleas let me know, and make the darkness but a fantasy. Does my fate always have me alone? Pleas tell me i am only dreaming!   


{March 1, 2013}   mothers…fathers

Everyone has that mother and father who gives you crap. But they only do it because they love you. If they didn’t care they would not bother you at all. They would let you make mistakes with out a fight. But those parents who annoy the crap out of you, are the ones who care about you the most. Even though you don’t like them interfering with your life. They only do it because they love the crap out of you. Remember that for all your life. 

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