{March 1, 2013}   Does darkness Await me?

Pleas don’t leave me behind. Pleas come to me, make the pain go away tell me that it’s okay. I am surrounded by darkness an pain, can anyone hear me? While my nightmares come alive i hope someone will save me. As my pain slowly rises day by day, the darkness awaits me. I am scared pleas someone help me? I don’t know what to do, pleas someone help me understand? Don’t abandon me to the darkness. I am but a helpless waistline. I don’t want to die alone, with no hope at all. I feel like everyone has abandon me, pleas don’t make it my reality, make it but a fantasy. The air that surrounds who can hear me? If so pleas let me know, and make the darkness but a fantasy. Does my fate always have me alone? Pleas tell me i am only dreaming!   


EA says:

very deep words. i like it (:
-(from the only Emma you know)

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